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Tracking on FlightRadar24 - Lacking over Canada

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  • Tracking on FlightRadar24 - Lacking over Canada

    Why is it that the free web application on Google Chrome, cannot always track a flight over Canadian airspace?

    In the alternative FlightAware site, the plane is 'visible' for several hours, before it can be viewed in the FR24 site...

    The specific flight I am tracking is today's ELY5/LY5 (4X-ECD). It is viewed in FA from about 10:39AM (local Israel) through the Edmonton (Alberta Canada) Center, and later through FlightAware ADS-B.
    In the FR24 site it is still just a broken line showing its planned route, and it's already 1:43PM here!

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    Correction: This occurs when I search for the flight to track...

    If I can locate the flight in the map and click it, it does display both the proper details and the route it flew, but still only after hours...
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    First of all, please read the link to the FAQ that was both linked and sent to you in an email when you signed up. It's also available as link at the top of the forum. It explains how FR24 works and that FR24 mostly shows live transponder tracking. In some cases we continue estimating position for 1h after lost coverage.

    Most other trackers are doing estimating or pure guessing based on timetables and show positions that can be thousands of kilometers away from real location. For example SK945 that diverted 2 days ago was shown as "on route" or "on time" over Canada until landing in Chicago on most other trackers while the aircraft was standing on ground in Greenland.


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      Thank you, Mike.