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Any way during playback to display what time a plane passed over an area?

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  • Any way during playback to display what time a plane passed over an area?

    I apologize if this is explained somewhere, but I've been searching on and off for weeks, and haven't stumbled on it yet.

    I am new to Flightradar24, and have so far only been using the standard Web version (not pro or premium, not a downloaded app) ... am trying to log the number and altitude of planes flying over particular local locations during particular periods of the day (at least, the number tracked by Fr24), and the times at which they did so.

    I'm not even sure I'm doing "playback" correctly ... figured out to click on the little clock to set a date and time, and I get the pop-up time bar, but I don't entirely understand how to use it. I can make the planes stop and go with pause and play buttons, of course ... but as the planes fly, the "time" position bar never changes. If I pause and click on any plane to display its information at a particular point on the screen, I can see arrival and departure times for the flight ... but the information I haven't been able to find is what time it was when the plane was right THERE, at the point on the map where I paused it on the screen?

    Is this information even possible to glean from Flightradar24? (In ANY version, standard, premium, pro, etc.?) If it's something I can do in a premium version but not the free one, I'll pay for a premium version. But I don't want to pay for premium if this feature isn't available, and I don't see it described anywhere. Perhaps it doesn't exist? It just seems strange to me that it wouldn't, as all three of our local major airports' trackers provide this ability ... so I'm sure I must be missing something.

    Also, is there a manual or instruction sheet for this program anywhere? I'm not finding it entirely intuitive ... for instance, during playback, if I click on a plane to read its info, sometimes this causes the plane to "jump" halfway across the screen, and I have no idea why. If there's any kind of even bare-bones manual or instructions online anyone could point me to, I'd really appreciate it!

    Thanks, sincerely, for any help or direction anyone might be able to provide ... and again, my apologies if I just missed something obvious here! :-)