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  • 'Go to Flight' Button?

    I am using Google Chrome and the free web page version and when using the airport Arrivals and Departure page, I could use the button to go to the flight in question. This seems to have disappeared now. Has something changed?
    It is also gone in the Android version, I have the paid one on my phone.

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    Same issue with the IOS app on my iPad.
    Would be nice to know wh this feature has disappeared and when it will be restored.


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      Having the same problem here. Yesterday morning I had some flights showing the 'go to flight' option in the Arrivals board but yesterday afternoon/evening and today the button isn't there for any airport I'm looking at. I'm finding this on both my Tablet (Android) and also my desktop PC (Win 8.1). I have also noticed a general slowing down and it's taking longer to bring in the opening screen background map of my location, and any others I move to. Is there a connection perhaps? Looking forward to it getting fixed as the 'go to flight' option is one of my favourite ways of navigating around the programme.


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        I noticed this issue last week (Thursday) on my Pro App (Android) and on the Webpage

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