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  • LYBE-Belgrade, Serbia

    I can see new radar in Belgrade, Serbia. Nice...

    Sretno kolege!

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    Pozdrav Ognjene,drago mi je da si se ovde javio.Kakve su sanse da i mi iz Srbije instaliramo neke radare ,kao veci deo Evrope.U kontaktu sam sa kolegama iz Bugarske i Makedonije po ovom pitanju i u Bugarskoj postoji velika zainteresovanost.Kolega iz Makedonije mi je dao jednu adresu: gde se vide preleti iznad Grcke,Makedonije,Kipra Albanije i Makedonije.Iz Bugarske ce uskoro instalirati radar na planini Vitosa sa visine od preko 1800m,i mislim da ce pokazivati letove do Zagreba a mozda i dalje.
    Pozdrav !


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      Dear Bole,
      it is english written forum, so please translate your post for other guys. I would like to write in serbo-croatian-bosnian, but other guys will not understand.

      If they install that radar in Bulgaria, that will be great. During summer I have tried my SBS with that small magnetic antenna that comes in package from similar alt (top of Jahorina 1830 m). Results where great! I can imagine what will happen if they install good antenna with amp.

      Are You running this LYBE?

      Regards from Sarajevo.

      BTW, great page: I was always wondering why there is no radars in Greece...
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        Ognjen,please,you received my private message?


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          Yes I did. Sorry for delay... I have answered.


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            I beg to present a colleague who installed the receiver LYBE!


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              As you may have noticed, LYBE is occasionally active from Belgrade. Presently the setting is a one step before the final configuration (1,1 Ghz preamplifier just around corner). Final idea is to have RB, discone antenna at some 60 meters height, covering 360 degrees, working 24/7. Presume some 200 NM visibility and certainly tarmac view of LYBE - direct line of sight.
              While testing on pure South and North, visibility on LYBE takeoff/landing is above/till 1500 ft. South view is covering till Macedonia, north Bulgaria, east Croatia, small part of Bosnia and Hercegovina. North view is covering everything till Hungary.
              Some time was lost on finding suitable preamp and I am still pondering over idea to change 50ohm cable to something more suitable for this frequency.
              Confident that we are just one step before the fully operating LYBE.

              Just follow FR24



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                I ve forgot it!

                At any given time anywhere between 6 and 27 flight are visible, either from South or North, mainly from 2 main corridors. Including a dawn with a bunch of transcontinental flights and charters (cheap slots on airports!)


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                  Ok zina, wait to install your radar tnx for text,and information.I live in Pirot (east Serbia) and love to watch the planes,in pro.Colleagues from Bulgaria will now install radarADS-B,in next days.The planned location is mountain Vitosa ( 1800 m) near Sofia .Antennas are bought and will work to testing in next days.
                  zina,if you speak Serbian?
                  Tnx for all,and call me in my e-mail:
                  regards and good luck!


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                    Thank Your for Your kind support.
                    On Radar Box 3D I can already see few active stations... quite a lot of BG and BiH is also quite active, although I do not see them on FR24.
                    Not to mention 5 min lag at RB which is annoying some time.
                    As for previous we are online from time to time, working from a building.. this a latest screenshot few minutes ago looking south.
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                      Thanks for the time you dedicate to me.I want to see you before your receiver non-stop.Bravo,bravo...I am very happy with your work.Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me.If you need my help...let me know via e-mail personal!
                      Very thanks for your image from radar box.Good luck in your life and work,zina.


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                        when you should expect LYBE online ?


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                          It was on last night...