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My aircraft is not appearing on the radar

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  • My aircraft is not appearing on the radar

    Good afternoon,
    Iīm a brazilian pilot and i have been flying a Hawker 400XP lately.
    The aircraft was originally flying in Florida with a callsign N153QS and used to appear on FR24. When my boss bought the Hawker and brought it to Brazil, the aircraft got a new callsign (PR-CBT) and suddenly it stopped working. We canīt see the aircraft on the radar anymore.

    What i would like to know is if it used to work and now is not working anymore, what can i do to fix this? Has anyone already experienced this? Is there a problem in my aircraft's transponder?

    Pleease help me!

    Best Regards,
    Victor C. Queiroz

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    Does it have a full ADS-B GPS transponder or is MLAT required?


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      I donīt know, where can i check this information? Do you know if in the MEL appears this information?


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        Looking at your aircraft details on it would appear that it may no longer have an ADS-B transponder (or mode-s for that matter) or they are not sure which would explain why it's not appearing on the FR24 map. As to how to check and/or fix this you'd need to get your maintenance guys to verify what you've got installed in the aircraft now. Anyone who works on an aircraft should be a qualified LAME (Licensed Aircraft Mechanical Engineer) and only they can do this work. It's outside the scope of FR24 to do this. It may turn out that a transponder you can track is installed but for some reason is not functioning, or it may have been removed by the previous owner. ADS-B isn't mandatory in much of the world yet so there is nothing to prevent this being done. In theory they are supposed to remain with the aircraft but the hex code can be reprogrammed. The previous transponder may now be installed on another aircraft. I'm not at all familiar with this type of aircraft or where the transponder is located/installed.

        Unfortunately that previous registration has now been re-allocated so there are no details that I can find to verify what your aircraft had installed (from the FAA website).

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