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Questions about this tail number and the aircraft location

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  • Questions about this tail number and the aircraft location


    Aircraft is registered to AIR AMERICA IMAGERY LLC
    according to FAA

    Aircraft is listed here at the company's website:

    two questions:

    1. Why would the tail number be different than what's listed at the company's website?

    2. Why would a plane that's supposed to be part of a fleet in Daytona Beach, Florida be flying on the other side of the USA near Albuquerque, New Mexico?

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    First link Cessna 172S
    Second link Cessna 172L
    and pic may be old....or inocorrect
    Maybe somone ordered plane to take pictures?
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      Could be NearMap? Handel Pty Ltd in Australia do the mapping for them using a Cessna 210 with a pod mounted on the side.
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        Here it is again today, flying the same strange pattern but over a different area of the city.


        From wikipedia about NearMap Ltd.

        "A unique exclusive process of imagery capturing, processing and publishing is used. Traditionally, high resolution aerial imagery has to be captured by a low altitude flying aircraft, then the data is manually processed and stitched together digitally to create a PhotoMap, a slow process which can take months to complete."

        Looks like Air America Imagery LLC (the owner of the plane according to the FAA registry) provides a similar service. You think they're mapping the city?
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          Or chartered to do some survey work of a particular area at high resolution
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            Albuquerque is on NearMap's coverage map.
   (scroll down to and click on "PhotoMaps Coverage (PDF)")
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