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    All Etihad and Bangkok Airways plus a codeshare


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      Originally posted by Ramprat View Post
      Hi, i am looking for .......EY018 - LHR-AUH - 17/2/15
      EY408 - AUH-BKK - 18/2/15
      EY7740 - BKK-CNX - 22/2/15
      PG248 - CNX-HKT - 25/2/15
      EY431 - HKT-AUH - 04/3/15
      EY011 - AUH-LHR - 05/3/15

      Thank you very much
      Found these two

      EY18 = A6-ETL
      EY408 = A6-ETC

      For EY431 and EY11, were these the dates of the departure?


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        Thats great, thanks so much. How did you manage that lol. Yes departure dates


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          You can use Libhomeradar but you must tick the search for data after 30 days and you also must put the flight number in the callsign box using the 3 letter code, Eg: ETD21 instead of EY21. Some airlines will also use a Callsign instead of the flight number, so watch out!

          EY11 = A6-APA (If it was an A380)
          PG248 = HS-PGV

          No luck yet on other flight

          Other sites which can be used:


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            Ah ok, thats why i wasn't getting any information then. Thanks for your help i will use this info next time. I was gutted when i came home from my trip and realised i could'nt find the piece of paper id jotted down the registrations on, did'nt expect i would be able to get this info back and its not every day i get to travel on airlines like this lol. Yes i did have the please of the a380 was amazing. Thanks again


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              No probs. What I like to do is I use a Camera and take some photos (though I believe AUH does have issues with this unfortunately). Then you can look back at your photos and use FR24 to put the registrations down on my computer


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                Yes ideally that is the best way but didnt have much luck at any of the airports as i was either put on a bus and taken to a remote stand and couldnt get a decent photo or was night time haha. Just my luck haha


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                  I've been on 82 flights and I have the tail number for all but 11 of them. A year ago I have started this thread "Registration-numbers-for-old-flights" but with no luck (I cannot post links, so I pasted the thread name)

                  Since then I have added 2 tail numbers. So here I am again trying my luck:

                  4/15/2010 RO0263
                  4/15/2010 EK0122
                  5/29/2010 EK0123
                  5/29/2010 RO0264
                  8/3/2010 RO0362
                  5/7/2011 MA0853
                  5/18/2011 MA0854
                  11/25/2011 LO0644
                  7/1/2012 YX1579
                  12/29/2013 B61393
                  1/1/2014 B61394

                  I have already tried:

                  apps bts gov
                  flightradar24 com
                  flightstats com
                  planefinder net
                  acarsd org
                  libhomeradar org
                  antonakis co uk


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                    Can anyone assist in finding a tail registration for this blacked out area in planespotters (basically anything east of romania)?

                    Departure: 10:52
                    Arrival: 11:47
                    OTP (Bucharest) to IST (Istanbul)
                    TK 1044

                    Thank you!

                    I have tried acarsd / libhome / antonakis / planefinder / ensinck nl


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                      How are you guys? I'm new in this forum and i'm from Venezuela. I need your help guys. I had a trip to Argentina on November 2011, yes it's been some time since such wonderful trip that i had. I'm looking for a couple of aircrafts registrations of a couple of Boeing 767-300ERs of LAN Airlines which i flew with. Both flights were because of a connection via Lima as you guys can see.

                      LAN Airlines: EZE-LIM LPE2426/LA2426 flown on November 25th, 2011.

                      LAN Airlines: LIM-CCS LPE2564/LA2564 flown on November 25th, 2011.

                      I strongly appreciate your wonderful help, many thanks in an advance to all of you guys.

                      Hugs and greetings from Venezuela
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                        Hello, Everyone!

                        Hope you are doing well!

                        I have the same issue (looking for REG) for this old flights:

                        12 feb 2015 DME-SSH (7K 9245) Metrojet
                        22 feb 2015 SSH-DME (7K 9246) Metrojet

                        Thank you!


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                          Hello Everyone,

                          I am also trying to close the gaps I have in my flight log. I was able to do this without help for most of my flights, but I still have a couple left. I hope someone of you can maybe help me?

                          Here is the list with my flights where I am mainly looking for the reg and the typ of airplane:

                          2015-09-24 BX 8109 PUS CJU 12:05
                          2015-08-05 SK 640 FRA CPH 9:25
                          2014-12-28 W6 1098 DTM EPKM 17:50
                          2013-08-04 UA 3821 CRW ORD 5:35
                          2013-07-14 UA 3842 ORD CRW 21:00
                          2012-06-30 DE 6589 KGS FRA (Here I am also looking for the flight time)
                          2012-06-20 DE 3014 FRA KGS 5:00 (Here I am also looking for the planned arrival time)
                          2011-08-19 DTW AMS (Arrival time was I think at 9:10; Carrier either KLM or Delta)
                          2011-08-19 DL 3751 CRW DTW 15:25
                          2011-07-29 DL 6258 DTW HTS 15:55
                          2011-07-29 DL 143 FRA DTW 10:40
                          2010-01-01 DL 6135 CVG HTS 20:25
                          2009-12-25 DL 6122 HTS CVG 6:55
                          2008-05-31 LH DUS FRA (Here I am also looking for flight times and flight number; the flight was in the am)
                          2008-05-30 LH 437 (Here I am also looking for flight times)
                          2008-05-10 LH 404 (Here I am also looking for flight times)

                          I know this list is not the shortest, but maybe someone can help me. I would be really thankful!

                          Thank you very much in advance!


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                            Hi, I was recently looking for some missing registrations and for US domestic flights I was partially lucky here:

                            But I am missing for example these two:
                            2009-Mar-07 NE2610 PRG-AMS 6:50-8:30
                            2009-Mar-11 NE2611 AMS-PRG 9:00-10:30
                            Anyone able to help me?
                            Thank you.


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                              Hi guys,

                              New on the forum as well, working on completing my own flight history with airplane reg and airplane types. Was able to find a lot of holes thanks to this thread, thank you. Still, data before 2012 is very dificult to obtain. Currently working on completing the flights before my interest for aviation and frequent flying (so all I have were boarding passes). I'm trying to find the flights below, I'll keep looking but any help is welcome! Thank you in advance. I have already tried these flights on (in my opinion) all possible ways on libhomeradar.

                              The flight for which I am looking for plane reg. numbers.

                              2008/07/04 AMS - PMI Transavia Airlines HV 0477/TRA477
                              2008/07/11 PMI - AMS Air Berlin AB 9265/BER9265

                              2009/07/09 AMS - HER Transavia Airlines HV 0271/TRA271
                              2009/07/16 HER - AMS Aegean Airlines A3 4850/AEE4850

                              2010/10/07 EIN - STN Ryanair FR 9792/RAR 9792
                              2010/10/12 STN - EIN Ryanair FR 9791/RAR 9791

                              If I may find some in the meantime I will let you know.

                              Thank you

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                                Originally posted by svinina View Post
                                Hello, Everyone!

                                Hope you are doing well!

                                I have the same issue (looking for REG) for this old flights:

                                12 feb 2015 DME-SSH (7K 9245) Metrojet
                                22 feb 2015 SSH-DME (7K 9246) Metrojet

                                Thank you!
                                Hi Svinina,

                                This is what I found on libhomeradar

                                2015/02/12 05:41 KGL9245 KGL9245 EI-ETL Kolavia - Kogalymavia A321
                                2015/02/22 17:02 KGL9246 KGL9246 EI-ETL Kolavia - Kogalymavia A321

                                Kolavia - Kogalymavia was the old name for Metro Jet and the route was not available on libhomeradar.

                                I hope this helps you


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