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Tracking Thomas Cook flights.

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  • Tracking Thomas Cook flights.

    Sorry if this has been sorted before but I used to be able to put in an airlines callsign to pick up all their flights in the air. Can I no longer do that, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

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    If I recall, they have a tendancy to change the searchable callsigns based on seasonal route changes.

    The alternate, is if you have a filter applied
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      From the airlines database there appears to be Thomas Cook Airlines (MT/TCX), Thomas Cook Airlines (Belgium) (HQ/TCW) and Thomas Cook Airlines (Scandinavia) (DK/VKG) which if using alternate callsign/flight numbers may make it difficult to try to track any of their flights using a single search filter. I seem to remember that you can use multiple search filters but I cant remember if there is a limit.

      As Oblivian also says, they do have a tendency to use alternate callsigns/flight numbers. We're probably on the wrong side of the world to be absolutely specific so perhaps when Europe awakes later today some one may be able to pinpoint your issue.

      You can still track a flight using callsigns via the little wheel next to the UTC clock (top right of map) and using the 'filters' tab, enter your desired callsign.

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        Thanks for the information, enlightened now.