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New Radar LJLJ (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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  • New Radar LJLJ (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

    I have just spotted that we seem to be having a new radar, namely in Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Since the Balkan region is by far underrepresented here, it is good to see at least LJLJ with some coverage now, as my radar EDDM2 is covering that region only for high flying airplanes.

    Who is running that radar? Which receiver is used? Where exactly is it located and what is the minimum altitude that is covered?
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    As I can see it has very modest coverage. Am I wrong?

    Regards from Sarajevo, Bosnia.


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      Ognjen, good to see someone from Sarajevo in this forum. Greetings back...

      LJLJ coverage seems actually pretty well. Apparently it is covering all of Slovenia and bits of surrounding countries.

      Don't forget that even though LJLJ is uploading information to the servers, another radar's data may be preferred for display, which may look as if LJLJ receiver is covering only a small area.

      What do you think, will there be a receiver some day in Sarajevo that is sending data to Flightradar24?


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        OK, I understand now.

        Regarding receivers that will send data to FR24, I am not sure for now. I personally have one, it is installed on mountain top near Sarajevo (alt 1530 meters). But I am using it for commercial purposes. Great coverage with antenna on mast and amp. Whole Balkans, whole Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, on the east all the way to Timisoara, Sofia, on the west Italy, on the south to Skopje... On higher alt, I had result over 270 nm.
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          Where is LJLJ? I can not see it for couple of days?


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            Come on,Ognjen and turn on your receiver here to see what is going on in Bosnia !


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              Lipi moj, You will see my radar picture soon on my private web page...

              Donji Seget, Vranjica...


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                Ognjen, we want to see your radar's data here on flightradar24, not on an obscure web page

                LDSP, sharing your data here wouldn't hurt either, provided you are collecting those

                It's been too long for the Balkans being under-represented here.
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                  Ognjene pa to je odlična vijest da ima radar za našu zemlju. Koja ti privatni web da malo pogledam. Baš me interesuje. Hvala ti puno.


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                    bice uskoro, javim kad proradi...

                    Pozz iz rajvosa.


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                      This is an English forum, could you please write in English.


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                        Ognjene, hoce li to uskoro. Bas nedostaje radar na ovim prostorima. Hvala ti.


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                          bh aviator, you have PM.


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                            Pa ljudi ja vas trazim ima mjesec dana

                            Ognjene, jesi li ti T-LQSA1

                            Mozes li mi na PM poslati koordinate resivera?
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