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sick of using the opposition.

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  • sick of using the opposition.

    Im getting fed up with having to run Plane finder to help ID aircraft that we on flight radar cant or wont ID. Case in point I have 2 BD-700s coming in from the north into Australian air space, FR shows only that they are GLT-5s with no rego info, so i have to run Plane finder to get the regos of N103ZZ and B-LRH .

    I know we have some aircraft blocked at the owners request and so on, but i get the feeling were working with one hand tied behind our backs....

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    It's that way or no way......
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      So if you understand that FR have been asked not to display the ID of an aircraft at the owner/operators request, why this post? Life does suck sometimes but just accept it and use another tool (not viewed by me as an 'opposition') to continue your hobby. I use lots of tools to determine who is who, and that, for me, is the fun part. Don't get frustrated!!
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