I host a FR24 receiver and run Virtual Radar Server on my home PC. So when someone asks what was that interesting plane earlier today / yesterday and so on, often I can answer that. My last interesting non-scheduled find was a con-air flight. Well last night there was something loud, probably with afterburners so likely NOT in my logging. I checked anyway and one of my kids had apparently closed my Virtual Radar Server so no logs at all. So this raises some questions for me.

How do I look at historical data for KBIL 11/16/14 around 7-9PM MDT?
I found a historical area of the flightradar site but it was only for today's date.

A lot more questions about logging data for more than what seems one day with Virtual Radar Server, is there a way to see if a receiver is hearing any other interrogation modes but not displaying them because they are encrypted, how can I make multilateration available in my poorly covered home area and more but I'll put these in another post, maybe in the Plane Plotter section.