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FR 24 Box - Linux Image?

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  • FR 24 Box - Linux Image?

    Hi there,
    while waiting for a good day to install the antenna on the top of my building, i was thinking about the frontal usb port...
    Googling i've found that inside there's a beaglebone! beaglebone arrives next there's a way to have the image of the fr24 box to study it on my beaglebone and perhaps find a way to make that usb port usable.
    It would be great if we can use that usb port for a wiki dongle instead of the ethernet...
    Is the beaglebone image available?

    Many thanks!

    PS: Of course, i don't want to touch the fr24 box at all! just see if i can implement the wifi usability and let fr24 box team of to implement it. I work with embedded devices all my day with raspberry pi and acmesystem's embedded boards.

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    wifi is not supported yet. Already asked on the forum
    For official support use Contact Form


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      Originally posted by Amper View Post
      wifi is not supported yet. Already asked on the forum
      Yes, i know....
      I wanted to know if there is a Linux image of the beaglebone used inside of the fr box