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Just saying Hi ... and noting so many Easyjet flights at Belfast International

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  • Just saying Hi ... and noting so many Easyjet flights at Belfast International

    Just a quick note to day Hi ... I've been looking at Flightradar24 for nearly a year and think it is brilliant. I actually read an article last Christmas about the site, and being able to follow Santa1. Sadly he never stopped at my house.

    Anyway, as I'll be flying soon to Belfast, I was having a quick look (I was actually born there .. many years ago) It's quite amazing to see how many flights are Easyjet. By the look of it, if Easyjet pulled out of 'Alderegrove' the airport would hardly cope.

    I've also had a look at a few other airports (such as Darlington) and it's amazing to see how few planes actually use it. I wonder how these airports survive.

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    With regret, there are a number of airports around the United Kingdom that have very low traffic levels. A reflection of the depressed state of industry in the provinces where slots are readily available, but just lack a constant flow of passengers! My local airport in Cornwall is NQY, recently taken over from RAF St Mawgan, where we are just hoping with fingers crossed we can retain FlyBE with their LGW route across the winter season. Interestingly, Skybus operate their fleet of four DHC-6 Twin Otter turbo-prop fleet to and from the Isles of Scilly and from Exeter, operating with ADS-B on these 19 seat aircraft! Based in Truro I can find frequently find these!


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      If you take a look and compare Aldergrove (Bel Intl) to,say,Dublin,you'll see that although Dublin is much much busier,the majority of its traffic is Ryanair and Aer Lingus,with the odd BA or even Air France thrown in.Listening to Dublin ATC here: its non -stop comms.

      PS Welcome to FR24.