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Suggestion for linking to 'No Callsign' aircraft

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  • Suggestion for linking to 'No Callsign' aircraft

    When an aircraft doesn't have a callsign set ( such as Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEK currently over the Irish Sea ) the FR24 web interface just generates a sharing link that points to the homepage, like this:

    so practically there's no way to link to the aircraft.

    Would it be possible in that scenario to use the ICAO hex to generate the link? That's how Another Site does it in that instance.

    Update: EI-DEK has just set a callsign, must have been reading this forum

    Thinks to self: Actually I don't know why the hex isn't used generally for building the sharing link. All Mode-S aircraft are guaranteed to have a hex, but not necessarily a callsign
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    You can link to no callsign aircraft by using the link in the URL box while the aircaft is selected, that's how I do it, not ideal but it works


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      As KyleG wrote when you click on an aircraft the URL changes and that is the unique link to the flight. The last unique flight-id id missing in the share-window but will be added in next release.