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1090Mhz Antenna , any better choose ?

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    Originally posted by North Borneo Radar View Post

    Just like what amner said, your location itself already looks high. You can only experiment and find out whether raising to 10m helps you give better coverage to the south especially. It is worth a try if you can, at least you know what is the limit from your location. It is difficult to get a true 360 good line of sight for quite a few of us, even more so in the Hong Kong so what you already achieved is very good. Furthermore it will also help for FR24 MLAT in the future.

    Off a tangent, any chance you are the liveatc feeder for VHHH? Where did you get your VHF/UHF antenna?

    Also, maybe it is better to discuss this matters in Hong Kong Radar - it is far more easier to refer to and for HK feeders to share info easier. If you think so too, you can ask admin to merge this to there.
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