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1090Mhz Antenna , any better choose ?

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  • 1090Mhz Antenna , any better choose ?

    Hello folks,

    I am a FR24 feeder and thanks for FR to supply the hardware to me.
    As now, the radar stations is running well, but I want to improve the radar stations coverage.

    Any 1090Mhz Antenna is better then that one shipped from FR ?

    Thank you all !

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    Short answer, no. They are optimised to work with each other and quite high gain. (I think its also against the rules.. )

    Best bet is to raise the height if you can
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      Just like Oblivian wrote the receiver and antenna are optimized to work with each other. The antenna should be one of the better on the market. Gunther who set the package together does not recommend to use an amplifier unless you use 20m+ cable. Also amplifier is not recommended in high traffic areas as this can actually reduce coverage. In low traffic areas an amplifier can improve the coverage by 5-20%.


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        Hope my FR24 feeder VOHY1 is working fine.


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          How about the Antenna installed on a 10Meters pipe from the floor ?
          Is it enough ?


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            Originally posted by F-VHHH4 View Post
            How about the Antenna installed on a 10Meters pipe from the floor ?
            Is it enough ?
            Maybe you can post some pictures of the installation?


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              For now, the Antenna only mounted at a 3 Meters higher level of floor

              (The shorter one, higher one is VHF/UHF Antenna)
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                One day data.


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                  I tried an antenna from China
                  It is cheap (US$28) but result is good. You could give it a try.


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                    Originally posted by F-VHHH4 View Post
                    For now, the Antenna only mounted at a 3 Meters higher level of floor
                    Can you post photos of the other three directions? And what range do you see in your Premium feeder stats?

                    Extra height should deliver more range but you appear to have a high installation.

                    And I don't think changing the antenna will improve what you already have, assuming the existing antenna and cable are working OK.

                    Have you contacted to discuss the current performance?


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                      Just like what amner said, your location itself already looks high. You can only experiment and find out whether raising to 10m helps you give better coverage to the south especially. It is worth a try if you can, at least you know what is the limit from your location. It is difficult to get a true 360 good line of sight for quite a few of us, even more so in the Hong Kong so what you already achieved is very good. Furthermore it will also help for FR24 MLAT in the future.

                      Off a tangent, any chance you are the liveatc feeder for VHHH? Where did you get your VHF/UHF antenna?

                      Also, maybe it is better to discuss this matters in Hong Kong Radar - it is far more easier to refer to and for HK feeders to share info easier. If you think so too, you can ask admin to merge this to there.


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                        What is FR24 MLAT ?

                        So far, the range is very good. It can received very far from China side, but it is hard to received from the Ocean side.

                        Do you have any idea of feeding Airband? I can also do that.
                        I can hear VMMC, VHHH and ZGSZ from the Airband.

                        I don`t have HK local contact for FR24 at this moment.


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                          F-VHHH4, what I meant is we discuss things here :

                          As there are some feeders from HK, like users Dundee, microtony who post things time to time and so maybe you can get acquainted/in touch with them. They might be able to show you other forums in cantonese as well.


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                            Thank you all of those info.

                            By the way, I found the FR24 device is not active "ModeS".
                            Does any one know what is that mean ?