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    Hello, I'm new to the forum though not to FR24. I checked FAQs and used the search feature without success, so my apologies if this has already been covered.

    Since the new playback feature was introduced I note that it is now only possible to go back one week. Is this temporary or a permanent policy? I'm often traveling and can be away from PC access for more than a week. In the past I would come home and be able to use the more extended playback option to verify sightings I had noted and logged on my travels. This is no longer possible when I'm away more than a week. Can we not have the playback feature go back for say two or even three weeks?

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    One week is for regular users, more for premium
    For official support use Contact Form


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      It sure is answered in the FAQ

      Is it possible to see history of flights on
      Yes, press 'Playback' in sidebar to view global flight history from the last 7 days (free version). You can also find history about individual flights and aircraft from the last 7 days (free version) in our aviation database.

      Premium users can access up to 30 days of playback and flight history.

      Flightradar24 and our support can't help searching for historical flights.


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        Thank you. My apologies, I somehow missed it.