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  • Challenge...or waste of time

    Hello there. If there is anyone who can provide registration numbers for flights that took part in 2005 and 2008, i would be grateful to have it. I have checked during acarsd report database, through direct contact with the airlines and more other ways such as libhomeradar, flightradar24 database even planefinder's playback but still no answer found. So i decided to begin a thread. Any further help would be welcome. Thank you in advance

    Here are the flight, dates and further details:
    1. Thai Airways, TG947 - ATH - BKK, 02/14/05, Md-11
    2. Thai Airways, TG634 - BKK - TPE, 02/15/05, B-777-300
    3. Thai Airways, TG635 - TPE - BKK, 03/02/05 B-777-300
    4. Thai Airways, TG946 - BKK - ATH, 03/03/05 Md-11
    5. Varig, RG8642 - GRU - EZE, 02/15/08
    6. Varig, RG8617 - EZE - GIG, 02/22/08
    7. Gol, G3 7456 - GIG - GRU, 02/27/08