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Flight History based on DEP/ARR Airport

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  • Flight History based on DEP/ARR Airport

    Hey Guys, I saw there is an option to see the flight history by date based on flight number or even based on Airline.
    I am looking for an option to see flight history base on Departing Aerodrome and Destination Aerodrome.

    e.g. I want to see all the flight that departed from VTBS to VTSP (all airlines that did this route) on a certain date or in the past month or even in general
    to show me all the flights that did this route.

    how can one do so?

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      1st of all thanks for your reply.
      But I don't understand, how does this help?
      you gave me only a Destination APT or a Departure APT.
      not a combination of both. on big airports it could take ages to correlate, especially if I am going few days back in time.
      also I didn't see there the flight history, route history , etc. just the schedule.
      I am looking for Flight history the same you can get by Airline.



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        In short you can't. The data used to make the boards/schedules here is imported based on lookups on the flight number the aircraft transmit when in the air. (and only full adsb capable ones at that) The only way is to compare the 2 and correlate. So I gave the direct links to both departure and destination to show both are individually listed as a starting point.

        If you want to know point to point data, You either manually need to match them. Or contact the airlines and ask for their flight numbers used between the ports.

        However if you look at the source of those generated tables the data is pulled from -, they do have a basic to/from lookup.
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          if there is an option to search flight history based on flight number like in the links I posted above and the flight history
          has the departing APT and Arrival APT in it, why can't the site have a simple code that can search the DB that one could perform
          a Flight History based on Dep/Arrv or even based only by APT, when FilghtRadar24 has that info already in it's DB?
          Of course I am not expecting on getting results on none ADS-B equipped aircraft(s) that flew that route, etc.
          if it is an SQL Data base, I am more then happy to write the script for you and even the HTML code that calls that SQL Query.
          then you can design the site with this option.
          it is not that complicated as you already have that data.

          here is an example from your site using the "flight history" option of a flight that took place on August 15th.
          as you can see you have the full data in place, including DEP/ARRV Airports and details data like speed , altitude and even the duration of flight.
          it is very easy to create a query of "show me all airlines that departed from BKK and arrived to HKT at august 15th" the data is populated in the DB tables already.

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   this is what we are offering today.


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              Originally posted by Mike View Post
     this is what we are offering today.

              Mike, Thanks for the hard work.

              Kindly re-arrange them into Alphabetical order.

              Currently, it is difficult to read and search for the wanted airline - the mind seems to align itself in alphabetical order, LOL.
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