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Can something relay/rebroadcast ADS-B messages? (Receiving planes on ground)

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  • Can something relay/rebroadcast ADS-B messages? (Receiving planes on ground)

    I've been experiencing an odd situation that I can't explain. I'm more than 35 miles from KPHL, with just a simple antenna mounted about 15' above the ground, and inside no less. Reception is good, but usually no more than 50nm for aircraft at altitude, which I'm fine with.

    That said, every once in a while I'll get flooded with messages from planes on the ground at KPHL, but it will only last for a minute or two. See the attached images, and specifically the times. It seems strange that I would receive so many all of a sudden, and that they would then just disappear in an instant. It almost seems like something I'm receiving is rebroadcasting them, and then when there's no need to rebroadcast them it just stops.

    Does anyone have any idea what this might be?


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    It could be TIS-B Data.;_broadcast
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      Originally posted by SoCalBrian View Post
      I thought about that, but when it happens it's literally for just a minute or two. I would think that TIS-B would last as long as there was an aircraft in range requesting the feed. In the case of the relay, it's there for 1-2 minutes at most, then completely disappears.