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I'm so sad from Fr24

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  • I'm so sad from Fr24

    i don't want to write This Topic but i'm be very Sad From fr24
    Mr MikeC don't answer to My email
    In 3 month ago i send request For fr24 Free Equipment And say we can't send Iran Because be in embargo but i send Another Shipping adress in other country then then tell have no problem I send image and Full information And i'm be in waiting list
    So I have question you send Some Equipment to some Country some azerbaijan I think you send 3 Equipment TO this Country but now 1 equipment be Online in this Country because they Are not intersted to Cover theire Area
    It's not so better to send this 2 Equipment to iran? I tell you even you send 100 Equipment TO iran you must be sure 1 of them not be Offline because all of the people have Responsibility
    Sorry my bad english
    And please don't remove my topic

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    You should not blame MikeC, he is not taking the decisions. We have received 15.000 applications so far and we are handling all one by one. Sending radio equipment around the world is not always so easy. We have learned a lot during the last 18 months and we are continuing to learn. Different shipping methods works different in different countries. Also customs and other import rules can be issues in some countries.

    We are focusing on good locations and bigger volumes. Often we focus on one country region and send many receivers at the same time, once we have learned how the best way to send to this country is. There can be many reasons why receivers are not sent to a host or country. But as I wrote we are handling all applications one by one. We also have a complete view off the situation that you may not be aware off. Azerbaijan that you mentioned we have been sending to a state company, which is not the same as the address you have provided.


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      Thank you for your Answer
      I know you Trying For it I hope You will be Successful To cover All over the World.