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  • Search not working correctly

    Recently my search function is not working as it used to..............

    i see a plane on my screen with a flight number of llc3411 sp i know the flight & flight number exists but when i type llc3411 into the search box it should find that plane but it finds nothing.

    Does anybody have any idea if something has changed in the last 2 weeks to make this happen? as it used to work fine

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    Do you still experience this issue?


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      Its been better the last 2 days but something is still not correct.


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        What is not correct?


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          Thanks for the reply & sorry for my vagueness, i have been 'playing' with it this morning & my original complaint now seems to be working, however it just seems to be slower than usual & sometimes when i click on the arrow to go to the plane, the map moves to the area where the plane is but doesnt bring up the info on the left, but clicking on the plane again works so its not a big deal now.