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Why so many air incidents lately ?

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  • Why so many air incidents lately ?

    Why so many air incidents lately ?

    Air Asia Zest plane from China makes safe emergency landing in PH after engine trouble

    By: Eric Apolonio,
    August 9, 2014 11:02 PM
    The online news portal of TV5
    MANILA, Philippines - An Air Asia Zest plane that encountered engine trouble safely made an emergency landing in Manila Saturday night, and all on board were reported safe, the CAAP Operations Rescue Coordinating Center said.

    The flight first encountered a so-called "engine bleed" at engine number 2 at 7:23pm while cruising within Guangzhou, China.

    Operational engineering bulletin procedures were done. At about 190 nautical miles to Manila, its engine number 1 failed. The captain made an early/preemptive descent, but cabin pressure continued to rise.

    The pilots made a fast emergency descent and declared this to the air traffic controller. The cabin oxygen masks deployed automatically. Passengers were attended to by cabin crew at a safe altitude of 10,000 feet, according to the report of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

    It landed on Manila safely at 8:38pm.
    The plane involved is an A320 with registry RP-C8993, piloted by Capt. Allan Roque with First Officer Dennis Superficial .
    F-WSSS1 - Cats refused to Pee & Pooh on RadarBox - Running a FR24 Receiver & DVB-T Dongle 24/7 to piss off The Chief Thief.