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  • New Playback facility

    I noticed today that the playback facility has changed and I'm not sure it's for the better.

    A dialog box pops up on the middle of the screen and it blocks a large chunk of the map - can anyone suggest how I can watch playback without this box?

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    The box is a little bit bigger but has more features. If it coveres "a lurge chunk of the map" it's time to get a better screen. On a 1366x768 screen it only covers a couple percent.


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      Hi Mike

      Is it possible to drag the dialog box to the bottom of the screen?
      It would make for better viewing in my humble opinion.


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        It is already as low as possible. We are not alowed to cover the copyright text at the bottom of the screen.


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          I like it, especially that you can grab the time slider and pull it - excellent

          Maybe it could be smaller if the date data was shown above the time in the top grey bar, then the bottom bar could be reduced to 1/3rd the present size by just having the line with the clock times.