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Help! i have bought a new receiver and dont know if its working correctly

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  • Help! i have bought a new receiver and dont know if its working correctly


    I have been using Flightradar24 for a few months now and thought it would contribute to this excellent website. So i bought the 20 USB ADS-B reciever. Ive followed all the instructions here and managed to get some results (Please see screen cap below)

    So i think all the settings and stuff are okay for that as i cant actually see aircraft nearby. But what im not sure about is the Flightradar24 feeder app. See screen cap below

    I've sat a looked at it for a while and the Network sections doesn't seem to be doing anything. the TX/AC Loss moves around a bit but it doesn't look like its doing much. Then when im looking at planes that fly overhead, they aren't using my radar. In fact some are using a radar that is more that 30km away. Cant anyone help me out? My Radar is EGPF31 and im located in Glasgow,UK

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    If you have an alias, its working.

    There are various reasons you won't see your own radar code appear on the site as the primary contact due to speed of other uploaded data and timestamps on the data. (it is only an indicator, not accurate)

    The way to tell is login to premium using the email you registered with, and check the upload status there.
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers