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    I have noted today for the first time a whole lot of Gliders with registrations DDA*.
    Is this new, when I had a glider licence some 50 years ago we did not have anything like FlightRadar and even when I had a PPL the planes I flew including my own did not have any means to emit ADS-B signals
    Have the regulations changed or am I living in the past?

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    many gliders are now fitted with an anti collision system called flarm - see The signals from this can be used to plot the gliders on a map.

    Private aircraft can be fitted with ADS-B but it's not cheap and is not required unless they go above a certain ceiling.


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      Thanks for the info. How times have changed my last plane had a Loran receiver as navigation aid where nowadays I guess they all have GPS.


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        Have a look at
        You can build your own reciever in much the same way as you can for FR24 (RPi, dongle and antennae, pre-built RPi images can also be downloaded if you don't want to 'roll your own'.)
        the data can be seen on their site and is also fed from their servers to FR24.
        FR24 F-EGLF1, Blitzortung station 878, OGN Aldersht2, PilotAware PWAldersht, PlanePlotter M7.