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  • Registration numbers for old flights

    For the past week I've been trying hard to collect information on my past flights, and after I gathered all the flights I have been on. I am now trying to gather all the tail numbers. I have spent literally tens of hours working on this. In the past few days I couldn't add any new tail numbers to my list, I think I have exhausted all the common resources for registration numbers. One of my main sources of information came from posts like this, this is why I put this list together the list of databases I have used to help other people who stumble upon this post. the official .gov database, the best resource, but only useful for domestic US flights and it doesn't have small, regional flights, like Republic Airlines good resource for recent flights, international flights, it misses some regional non US flights usually doesn't have all the tail numbers, but for American Airlines flights, in Event Timeline tab it has the tail number listed you can go back in time in their map and see the flight, it works for big international flights, but for regional or smaller flights only if you are lucky, it goes back to at least 2012 good for big international flights, it goes back to 2006, but you will find your flight only if you are lucky.
    Other good resources, but which failed to give me any results: goes back to 2012 good resource, but it has it's main database coming from

    Is there a way of getting the data from FR24? What happens with the old data? Is there a chance that this data will be made available in the future?

    This is the list of flights that I am still missing, I would greatly appreceiate help in finding the tail number for any of these flights:

    B61393 12/29/2013 JetBlue
    B61394 1/1/2014 JetBlue
    YX1579 7/1/2012 Frontier operated by Republic
    LO1 11/25/2011 LOT Polish Airlines
    LO644 11/25/2011 LOT Polish Airlines
    EK123 5/29/2010 Emirates
    EK122 4/15/2010 Emirates
    TP539 5/7/2011 TAP
    RO263 4/15/2010 Tarom
    RO264 5/29/2010 Tarom
    RO362 8/2/2010 Tarom
    MA853 5/7/2011 MalÚv
    MA854 5/18/2011 MalÚv