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registration to get the SHAREKEY

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  • registration to get the SHAREKEY

    I downloaded the sw, I filled aout my coordinates and I sent the request for registration.
    The system returns the closest airport coordinates, I accept them and then the software starts looking for airplanes.
    My dongle works very well, I have at my location at least 4-6 airplanes but the FR software seems not to communicate with
    my dongle unless I am getting the sharekey. Any idea how I can get that?

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    HI Welcome aboard

    What are you using as your system?

    I initially used the windows feeder to register - I gave it my location and email (and where to find the decoded data on the home network)

    the feeder was updated with the sharekey and I was sent an email telling me the key ... all happened instantly automatically


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      Hi Peter
      Thanks for the reply. I am using Windows 8.0, a R820 dongle and RTL1090 software. The anenna is about 10m above gnd and I am between the EWR and TEB airports.
      My registration form does not require to tell where the decoded data is on my network, probably that is why is not communicating !