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  • Radar code meanings


    Sorry if this same question has been asked before. I'm sure I remember it being but cannot find it.

    The radar codes for eg. EGPD2 or VARA - Is there a list of them I can view.

    If not can anyone help me on one in particular - EGPA
    This radar covers roughly north of Fort William and at least to the East of Aberdeen.

    Does it stand for anything?

    Thank you


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    It's the ICAO-code of the nearest airport to the individual receiver. In your case, EGPA is the ICAO-code for Kirkwall Airport at Orkney Islands, Scotland which means that single radar station is established at the Orkney Islands.

    There is also one "radar" named NET2 which actually not is a radar but a whole network connected to the FR24-network.

    If you're interested in ICAO-codes, I recommend this site:


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      Thank you CharlieLima,

      Interesting to see a Lufthansa A340 from Munich to Chigaco head towards where I live and approaching from the South East. From off the North Sea she was on radar EGPD2 (Aberdeen) then when she was over Loch Ness she changed over to EGPA (Kirkwall) and then after a few minutes she changed to EGPH2 (Edinburgh)
      She then hit the blank spot over which every plane disappears for a few minutes before coming back just the the West of Gairloch between the Scottish mainland and The Outer Hebrides. When she was back she was under EGPA again.

      Very interesting and nice to put a location to the radar that has been helping me know just what those planes going overhead were and where they are heading.