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During Playback, targets freeze while vibrating

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  • During Playback, targets freeze while vibrating

    I am monitoring progress of an round the world flight, in the process of which, I am obliged to run Playback and having a good deal of trouble due to the frequent stoppages in which all a/c stop and just shake in position. A couple clicks of the PLAY button are necessary to get them moving again, but then it continues ad infinitum.

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    Couldn't describe it better myself. This has been an issue for a long time.

    - Windows 8.1 Pro N all updated
    - Google Chrome
    CPU/RAM/GFX and internet speed are all sufficient.

    My solution, as the time updates in the address bar, is just to select the url and press enter so the website reloads.


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      The problems is in most cases to slow internet connection. Please read for information about coming updates.