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Aircraft Type filter acting as logical AND

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  • Aircraft Type filter acting as logical AND


    On the Web version of FR24.

    Starting with one aircraft type filter, B734. I can see them jetting their freight over Europe this morning. Now add a second Aircraft TYpe filter B762. Nothing displays.. because FR24 is trying to show me aircraft which match type

    ( B734 AND B762 )

    rather than

    ( B734 OR B762 )

    I don't recall this behaviour before. I always remember all filters acting as OR, and that's how Callsign filters still work. For example, creating Callsign filters for TAY and SRR shows aircraft from both those carriers at the same time,

    Why is the Aircraft Type filter different?


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    I've found it does work (using google chrome, windows 8.1) but you need to tickle it's belly a tad- reload the map a couple of times, particularly to get back to your original display after removing all filters. You also need to be very particular with the filter choices. I was able to get those two you named working but it took a few attempts.

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      I find these filters very flaky all of the time and try to avoid using them but, for instance, over Europe you nearly have to use them to clear some of the dense traffic. I cannot get any filter to work by just entering it once. Most will work if entered twice but when you're finished with 'em the buggers are hard to disable.

      And by the way does anyone know how to set a filter for an airport that does not appear in the drop down list?