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    Hello guys,

    I'm an italian,i usually observ the center italy like Rome TMA.
    I want to know if it's possible to update the departure and destination of the traffics,i've the scheduling of most important italian airport.

    Let me know.



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  • DLH711
    With the new flightplan - LUFTHANSA - again - has changed most of their ATC calls, except Intercont.
    I got the new list !
    Who will accept this list for database ? Including Air Berlin etc.

    DLH711 Nordheide SBS-1 since 2006

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  • scanhorse
    PFI538 WAS Teneriffe COPENHAGEN

    * Callsign: PFI538
    * Reg: PH-AAY
    * Hex: 484B43
    * Model: Airbus A320-232 (A320)
    * Airline: Amsterdam Airlines
    * Lat: 55.68197
    * Lon: 12.32906
    * Alt: 4950 feet (1509 m)
    * Speed: 267 knots
    (494 km/h / 307 mph)
    * Track: 61
    * Radar: EKGH

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  • Albin
    Hello and thank you for the information.

    We are 3 persons on the forum that put the flights-destinations into a database, and from there the informations goes to the radar where you can see from and to.

    Sometimes airlines change destinations and still fly with the old number, and that's most likely that has happend in this case.
    I've updated the flight with the new destination now.

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  • Golla
    started a topic Wrong destination?

    Wrong destination?

    Where do the "From" and To" information come from in flightradar24? Is the aircraft sending it or is it coming from a central flight schedule file?

    - Was watching Finnair Flight AY1915 from Helsinki to Enfidha, Tunisia (NBE) on Wed 17.3.2010.

    Flightradar24 was reporting from Helsinki, Vantaa (HEL) - correct - to Monastir, Habib Bouguiba (MIR) - wrong! I know that until mid February that flight was bound to Monastir, but now it flies to the new airport Enfidha.

    Is the schedule file somewhere outdated, or does the aircraft really report wrong destination from its own system?

    I myself plan to be on board that flight on Wed 24.3. :-)