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Feature Request: Chromecast Support

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  • Feature Request: Chromecast Support


    I have done a few searches of the forums and can't find this mentioned anywhere else.

    Would it be possible to add chromecast support to the FlightRadar24 pro app, it would be awesome to be able to track flights on my tv all being controlled from my phone.

    I'm sure this would be possible as flightradar is all web based and I can't be the only that would like this feature!

    If this isn't the best place to post feature requests let me know and I'll move this post.


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    WOw... if they do that maybe airports around the world could display it on their TVs around the airport with their staff controlling by phone. not bad?


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      Yeah, that could be another application for it certainly, or in travel agents and airline offices to show locations of all their current flights etc etc.

      And for people like me who just want to cast it to their tv in their living room or office!



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        I like the idea, very interesting.

        I don't know if its possible or if the Development Team would have time to implement it, i see there are lots of Apps using this technology already.

        App on Android:

        App on iOS:
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          Chromecast support is something we are looking on. I think the issue is that we can't really run the app on the Chromecast, just open a web page with FR24 on the Chromecast. We will see what we can do in coming app updates


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            The chromecast is essentially a receiver for web links a simple example is YouTube:

            1) User connects YouTube to Chromecast
            2) selects a video
            3) Video link is then sent to Chromecast
            4) Chromecast starts playing video

            As flightradar is web based I'm assuming this would be able to follow the same princples:

            1) User opens flight radar and connects to Chromecast
            2) Flightradar opens on lat and long user is displaying - as can be seen, flightradar supports lat and lng as a querystring parameter,-5.46/9
            3) When a user selects something ie a flight, the details are then shown, again, this is just a URL also
            4) These urls are then sent to chromecast which displays on a screen.

            Some things I'm not 100% on are tracking and filters as they don't seem to be url based, most likely a JS script is running here?



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              Hi Mike,

              I think to start with that would be a decent implementation, just using the standard web view would save you having to reinvent the wheel and it looks damn good already!