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Problem with unreliable data? (don't be so bloody unfriendly)

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    Looks like we will have to wait a while longer, before we see 'All Aircraft ADS-B equipped' in North America !
    FAA Finishes ADS-B Ground Network
    The FAA announced on Tuesday that the ADS-B network in the U.S. has been completed, with all 634 ground stations now online. “This upgrade is an important step in laying the foundation for the NextGen system, which provides air traffic controllers a much more precise view of the airspace, gives pilots much more awareness and information, and as a result strengthens the safety and efficiency of our system,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “This state-of-the-art satellite system is already providing controllers with visibility in places not previously covered by radar.” “The installation of this radio network clears the way for air traffic controllers to begin using ADS-B to separate equipped aircraft nationwide,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said. “It will also provide pilots flying aircraft equipped with the proper avionics with traffic information, weather data and other flight information.” Of the 230 air traffic facilities across the country, 100 are currently using this system to separate traffic; the rest are expected to be connected and operating by 2019. All aircraft operating in controlled airspace must be equipped with ADS-B out by Jan. 1, 2020.


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      I observed a pair of Fed-Ex planes this AM.. FDX142 also showing up as KDX142..Both are A-300's at 40K'.. Ones Reg # is N661FE..other shows N671FE ! The KDX142 was ADS-B equipped, while FDX142 showed FAA data 5min behind it. Both Reg #'s are Fed-Ex A-300's..would they use the same F/N 142 for two separate aircraft..or is the FAA Data perhaps wrong..the ADS-B data wrong..?


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        Pardon me if this is the wrong place to post this query, but I couldn't find better.

        I started to track a private 787 (I have premium membership FR24) and got the info I needed on reg. "2-deer". Out of curiosity I wondered where it went next. When I checked yesterday, about 1700GMT it had left Nice and was cruising at FL37 over eastern Turkey. Destination was listed as N/A. I looked again today, to see where it had landed, and there was no flight history for yesterday (29-6-18) for the aircraft at all.
        Why should this be?
        Do your computers erase a flight if it was out of range of your data collection points when it landed?
        Do your computers simply erase a flight if no landing is recorded?
        Or, do any operators have the facility to erase their flight info from web-sites such as this while, presumably, registering legally necessary info with a local CAA?

        Thanks in advance.