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Different type of Radars

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  • Different type of Radars

    HI everybody,

    setting up radar filters I've noticed that Radars in the list (for making the radar selection) are of three types:


    I suppose that F-xxxx identify the locations hosting FR24 receivers (I mean devices provided directly by FR24 network, used around the world but of Fr24 property); but what about the other two?

    Any idea what are N-xxxx and T-xxxx radars?

    Thanks for your attention.

    Ramon Llull

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    F = FR24 supplied receivers.

    N = a small network of Kinetic SBS receivers using SBS1 Client. See:

    T = volunteer feeders using Kinetic and other makes of receiver including DVB-T USB sticks sharing with our Windows or Linux feeder apps.


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      Thanks for your answer.

      I thougth T-xxxx meant a sort of official airTraffic Network, like FR24 could have been fed by official organization, sort of.

      I can see now that the entire FR24 is fed by a voluntary bases.

      Thanks again

      Ramon Llull


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        Radar: NET1 = Users feeding from Planeplotter software.
        Radar: T-F4V = Network receivers all over the world from AirNav Systems ADS-B Data Network.
        Radar: T-FAX = Network receivers all over the world.
        Radar: F-xxxx = FR24 boxes / Hardware feeders.
        Radar: T-xxxx = Users owned boxes uploading to FR24 / Software feeders.
        Radar: N-xxxx = Networked SBS-1 users uploading.
        Radar: R12* R13* are just temporary codes assigned automatically by the system, before FR24 receivers have been assigned correct code manually.
        Radar: R1a* = Temporary Radar codes on the upload Software & Server.

        NET1 are the people feeding from Planeplotter.
        xxxx is our first "ModeS.exe" Windows software.
        N-xxxx is the "old" NET2 network, a network that FR24 is working with.
        N-xxxx is also used by our FR24 receiver that we are installing on strategic places.
        T-xxxx is our new Windows software (still in late beta testing stage).

        Our goal is to move all feeders from xxxx to T-xxxx in about 2 months time. 100 are already moved and we hope to have 200 moved before the end of April.



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          Thanks a lot, folks !!!

          Best wishes from Italy

          Ramon Llull