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No Landvetter airport in the app?

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  • No Landvetter airport in the app?

    I live in Borås, Sweden. Why can´t I see the planes the lift off and land at
    Landvetter airport in Gothenburg?

    Please respond!!!

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      Sorry, did´nt see anything about what my question was in the link that you submitted.
      So, why can´t I see the planes taking off and landing at Landvetter airport Gothenburg (GOT)?


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        Almost certainly because there are no active online receivers anywhere near Landvetter. I live about 14 km from there and can see that there is a very large "blackout zone" from west of Kungsbacka to somewhat east of the airport, and from somewhat north of it, to about 30 km south. If we want to see flights around Landvetter, one of us has got to buy a receiver and put it online! (You first ... ;-) )


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          Aah, okey. I'll talk to the bank tomorrow.....


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            Hi folks
            My ESML radar normaly goes up to GOT ,
            but for the moment i have lowered my antennas with 1 meter
            because of the very windy situation
            as we get better weather the ESML goes up 1 meter on top again
            Best Regards
            Ulf Scanhorse
            Mike above (admin)
            is looking for someone with a good situation by landvetter
            to join the " club " , so please go to bank
            as the radar located at SÄVE dont see you
   ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt