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No Data being seen for the last few days on Premium

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  • No Data being seen for the last few days on Premium

    As the subject says. My system is running fine and I see all the aircraft, yet for some reason, FR24 is not showing my data.

    Now before someone tells me about how FR24 uses the data, I do know. But, there are areas which no one else covers which FR24 uses my data to show a/c. On Basestation and PlanePlotter, I see the data and according to FR24 feeder software, it is feeding but the a/c are not showing at all on the FR24 page. Also the Premium data has stopped collecting for the last few days and I have changed absolutely nothing.

    If anyone can throw some light on the subject it would be appreciated

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    Please contact with your feeder alias or sharing key and attach screen captures to illustrate what you are experiencing.


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      I confirm the above post, experiencing the same. nearly NO flights are showing in South Africa. Not sure if this might be related to your planned maintenance window? Will mail support with screenshots.


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        Can confirm the same as well. There is a big hole of no flights showing in South Africa today. Usually we get on average about 18 to 25 flights showing around the country but nothing today. At the moment just 2 flights showing in Cape Town and 1 flight out of Maputo. Looks as though the "plug has been pulled" on all the other feeders.


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          Support mail sent


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            Is there a general problem?Some of these F type radar data doesn't appear.all the radar data doesn't appear in turkey
            F-LTBJ1 & N-LTBJ1 & T-LTBJ1 Izmir / Turkey

            F-LTAN1 Konya / Turkey

            F-LTCS1 SanliUrfa / Turkey

            F-LTFJ3 Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport / Turkey


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              me issue in Malaga region, I have loads of aircraft in my PlanePlotter most of which would normall show in FR24 but currently (last couple of hours) very few are showing up and this includes the standard RYR, NAx, VLG flights. Malaga looks like empty airspace??



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                And we now have flights in South Africa again - Bell 407, looks like someone put the plug back in


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                  Thanks to those who sent examples to we were able to find an issue which has now been fixed.

                  Sorry about that and thanks for highlighting it.