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Planes cannot be selected after return from radar view

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  • Planes cannot be selected after return from radar view

    I'm guessing this is a bug, but don't know whether FR24 team is aware. Sorry if you are already working on it.

    If I go to Radar View, then return to normal view, I can select a plane icon almost immediately if it is NOT one that was showing in radar view as being tracked by my own receiver, but if it WAS being tracked by my receiver, there is a lag, (measured at 48 seconds), before my cursor changes from a pointer to a hand, allowing me to select the plane icon for detail display in the left hand pane.

    Is this something wrong with my set-up? I'm guessing it's a software issue.

    Hope this helps.

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    I'm not sure I understand the error report. Radar View and FR24 map are 2 separate services with no connection between them. You can have them open in 2 windows at the same time and we are not handling this server side in any way. It's up to your browser to loading and showing the data.


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      OK, thanks Mike. It just seems like something that has only recently started happening, but it could easily be that I never noticed before. Could you clarify for me about the two windows. I mean, obviously I understand when you say I can have them open in two windows at the same time, but I don't do that. Maybe that is the problem? When I click on the section on the left that says "Premium" and "Active", I'm taken to a "flyout" that says I'm signed in, and then offers an option called "RadarView shortcut". If I choose this the FR24 map gets replaced by the RadarView display. Then when I use the "Back" button on the browser, I go back to the FR24 map view, but I experience this lack of response on the plane icons.

      If your previous comment still applies, let me know, and if possible suggest what might be the problem with the browser, if you can. (Using Chrome). Otherwise, just let me know, and I will pursue it myself. I assume no-one else has reported this?


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        when you use "back" to go to fr24 normal map it loads itself all over again, you cannot expect it to be same as radarview!?! Only cached "permanent" info is loaded instantly, but planes have to load again from server
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          Amper, I'm not sure what you mean by "expect it to be the same as RadarView". I realise the planes have to load again, but what happens when I hit "Back" from RV, appears to be that whilst most planes can be selected and their details displayed in the left hand pane, there is a long lag where those planes that my receiver was shown as tracking in RadarView cannot be selected. In other words, the cursor is a pointer, not a "hand" when I hover over those plane icons. Eventually, they become selectable, after about 45 seconds. This doesn't seem right. For comparison, if I access the FR24 web page map from scratch, all planes are selectable almost immediately. I can't see why it should be any different when returning to the map from RadarView.


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            Amper has explained it correctly

            Because 'back' in any browser utilises cached information already saved on your HDD to apparently load pages faster, THEN update any new information.

            It needs to reload any new data to be accurately displayed. Including any scripts. This includes the locations. Just because you were on the page before going to the radarview screen, does not mean the page continues to update itself in the background just because you went to a different link.

            You will need to run 2 browser sessions side-by-side if you want to prevent this happening and not use forward/back.
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              OK, I understand the principles behind caching etc. But why would there be any difference in speed of loading between starting a new session, and going "Back" from an RV session? As I explained, if I start a new session, all the data is there pretty much instantly. If I go "Back" from RV, there is a 45 second lag, in particular on the icons that were shown as Local Traffic in RV.


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                that 45 seconds leg is due to slower internet connection and/or your pc needs cleaning
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                  That's not really logical. My Internet speed is around 15 Mbps, ample I would have thought, and in any case why would any connection speed issue only affect my "Back" operation, but not opening a new session? The "cleaning" of PC is the sort of suggestion I would expect from a tech support person who has no idea what the actual solution is.


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                    you are not looking for solution but someone to tell you that FR24 has problems regarding loading. Well....there is no such problem. Sorry to disappoint you.
                    Cleaning the pc's cache is logical advice for that problem, but, once again, you don't need solution....
                    1. Tested your statment now for many times. no such problem.
                    2. I'm not tech support person, but person who tried to help you....stupid me...
                    over and out
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                      On the contrary, I would be very happy to know that it is my setup with the problem, because then I could maybe fix it. I have no axe to grind re FR24 problems. I am a big fan, but until someone gives me a logical answer, I will continue to query this. If a moderator tells me to drop it, then fine, but I don't really need stroppy answers from people who appear not to have properly read the question.

                      My cache has been cleared - the problem does not go away. If there is some obscure setting I can change, by all means let me know. I will try it.

                      Again. Why would the web page FR24 map consistently show a 45 second lag on "Back" from RV, but ONLY on those plane icons that were shown as Local Traffic in RV? How would the browser know to treat those any different to the other plane icons? There may well be some reason, but it just seems wierd to me.


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                        Going back is never a good option to get 100% correct version of the website. If you go to everything should work.


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                          OK, I'll just have to do that then. My curiosity remains unsatisfied, Mike, but if you are happy it's not a bug, then I'll move on. Keep up the good work!