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Suggestion: aircraft icons

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  • Suggestion: aircraft icons

    I would suggest that would create more different aircraft icons. For example, for a Boeing 727-200 is the same icon as a DC-9, MD-87, Fokker F100 and ERJ-145. But theses aircrafts have different size. Therefore, it could be the same icon, but the size different according with respect to the size of aircraft. The same happens with the ATR-72 which is represented like a Beech C90 King Air.

    For Embraer 170 and 190 I suggest create new icon, because is the same as 737s...

    Will make the experience better!
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    How many new icons, bearing in mind you might need 12-16 of each to represent planes going in different directions, and each new graphic slows everything slightly.

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      oh... that's true.


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        There are no plans to add more icons today. With the current icon size the difference will be so small that it will not add any value. New icons increases data consumption quite significantly.


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          And the possibility to use 'RadarView' style in the main page?


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            Question about the B747 icon:

            Different size, same aircraft, what is the reason for this?

            Both: Boeing 747-406 (M)