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High data traffic when using 3D Mode

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  • High data traffic when using 3D Mode

    Good day!

    I'm using the 3-D Mode very often.
    My notebook is connected via my mobile. I have a limited data volume per month.
    I track one aircraft only, which is flying in a very small area, near an airport.

    My question:
    When I use flightradar in normal mode, each 8-10 seconds there is a great datatransfer via the internet, I thing that are the hundreds of aircrafts, I can see it in the taskmgr.
    But when using the 3-D mode I see 1 aircraft only, but the taskmgr shows the same data volume inclusive the googlemap data.
    Is it possible to receive the data from that one aircraft only instead receiving all aircrafts?
    This could reduce the internet traffic and my data volume :-)

    Thanx for a good product
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    Good Morning!

    I'm still waiting for an answer.



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      Not at the moment but...... it is suggested for the web map, maybe it will be implemented in app in the future
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        Thanx a lot


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          The 3D view is just a layer on top the regular map so regular map is still loading. There are no plans to change that.