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3 Easy Steps for OSX - RTL2832U R820t Setup

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  • 3 Easy Steps for OSX - RTL2832U R820t Setup

    3 Easy steps for OSX

    I thought I would write up some info on how to get RTL2832U R820t DVB-T dongles working on Mac OSX (My current version is Mavericks).

    First download the pre-built rtl-sdr binaries from
    and follow their instructions on where to copy the files too.

    Secondly we will need a decoder.
    Dump1090 is the only one I could get to work. There is a ported version for OSX but I couldn’t get it to work (Something to do with BETA version).
    Anyways , you can obtain Dump1090 from:
    On the right hand side of the website you can download the Zip file.

    Once you have extracted Dump1090, open up a terminal and CD into the directory and type ‘make’.

    *** Please note you will need to have developers tools installed. You can get these with mac ports and xcode.

    Assuming you have successfully compiled Dump1090, you can start with this command

    ./dump1090 --net --enable-agc –interactive
    Third, start feeding Fr24
    I had to contact support to build an Flightradar24 OSX feeder as I couldn’t find it on the forums. However this file was hosted on drop box. I’m unsure if this was the support person’s personal drop box account or not, so in the meantime you can download it from
    Extract the file and start it with issuing this command

    ./fr24feed_osx_233 --fr24key=YOUR_FR24_KEY_HERE
    If flightradar24 can provide a dedicated link I will amend the link.
    I hope this helps, it took me a few hours to get this running.
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    Thanks, I have my dongle arriving today and was hoping to be able to run it on OS X Mavericks. I appreciate the work you put into this.


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      That's brilliant. Let me know how you get on or if you run into any trouble.
      I've just moved everything onto my Raspberry Pi. I'm planning on getting a usb battery pack to power it when mobile.