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Google maps with sector frequency overlay

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  • Google maps with sector frequency overlay

    Hi all,

    I used to get involved with a lot of internet map related jiggery pokery back in the days. Then after turning commercial kind of lost interest. I still have a knack for development and get involved with a lot of C# .Net stuff which probably won't be of any help.

    I have an idea which I would like to pursue but am looking for some general direction from the community. What would it take to overlay ATC sectors on top of Google Maps so that upon locating a particular aircraft we know exactly what frequency to dial into a radio in order to listen in? In the UK, NATS provides the sector maps and assigned frequencies so we wouldn't have a problem with getting source data. Question is, what next after that?


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    Hi, nice idea I like it !

    The ICAO website once had a PDF with COM2 (voice service) for all europe. I wrote a quick and dirty program (C#) that parsed the PDF (actually a the content of it converted to txt) and generated a KML file for Google Earth. Unfortunately I lost this during a HD failure...

    I do not know if FR24 is willing to implement this but I personally like the idea. maybe as a proof of concept you could run your own site where one enters aircraft coordinates and altitude and gets frequencies back in return. If FR24 provides some sort of API later this would be awesome !
    You could start with converting the sector data you have in order to load it into some sort of GIS database (PostGIS ?) ....

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