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  • Glitch in the matrix

    NH1011 Chicago -> Tokyo now above central europe It just came out of nowhere
    I noticed some other strange occurrence today, like a 777 flying for ~50NM at FL010 and then disspeared somewhere in northern Italy.
    Also some Unknown/No callsign aircrafts like mentioned in the other thread, but also in central europe.

    Another interesting aircraft BTW:
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    This is another of those ghost-type objects I have been seeing and posted about in this thread They appear out of nowhere, have no registration, no callsign, and no squawk information. They all seem to come from T- radar sites. I believe they are a simulated aircraft from a software package that is being fed to FR24, but can't confirm without being able to talk to the feed owner. I know Mike sent one feed owner an email, but don't know what type of answer, if any, he received.


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      If you can send me as much information as possible via Support, I'll investigate further.


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        Originally posted by FR24support View Post
        If you can send me as much information as possible via Support, I'll investigate further.
        I have submitted my info before. Stations I have seen this from in the Dallas area are T-KAFW1 and T-PP1. T-KAFW1 seems to be off the air now. I am curious to see if maybe these stations are/were using Virtual Radar Server along with Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and it is somehow feeding the simulated aircraft information back through the FR24 feed?


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          T-PP1 is generic code for those who feed via PlanePlotter and don't use our feeder software. We do not have contact details for the individual sharers.


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            Interesting. Since we are seeing these types of events via T-PP1, I wonder if there is a way to filter those out of the FR24 view if they don't have at least 2 of the 3 fields for Aircraft (Callsign), Registration and Squawk supplied? I have seen valid aircraft via T-PP1 missing 1 of the 3 fields, but usually if it is missing 2 or more, then it seems to be a false aircraft image.


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              Another interesting thing is the only active T-PP1 feed is consistently see is over Heathrow. You can see aircraft at that airport that show squawk and registration information. Those that suddenly show up over the US and then disappear that I see don't include squawk, registration and aircraft type fields.