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How to view OWN feed ?

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  • How to view OWN feed ?

    I assume this is possible ?

    On the radar view, I can see my red planes, but on the "standard" map view I select "filter" and my radar is NEVER their !!!!!!

    Am I missing something obvious ?


    The feed software says I am:

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    see post #93 in this thread

    Here in the Midlands UK we are surrounded by "F-" feeders that as standalone feeders are faster then the 'T-' feeders we build, and also 'N-' feeders which seem to get the second bite of the cake since this data comes from network of PC's running Plane Plotter.

    'T-' feeders only upload once every 5 seconds - by then there is an excellent chance that the data we upload has already been submitted by someone else.

    It's the way the cookie crumbles.


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      Originally posted by hafri44
      Hi Peter, I've been following some of your posts and by what I have read I gather you are pretty familiar with the subject. Perhaps you can enlighten me on the last column "seen" shown in the local display on port 8080. An other thing that riddles me is: how does one become an "F" feeder?

      Regards Hans
      F-feeder is FR24 (radar) box host.
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        F- feeds are from receivers paid for and supplied by FlightRadar24 - see 'Increase Coverage' on the web page that shows the aircraft on a map.

        FR24 send you one of their excellent [expensive] receivers + antenna + cables (if you qualify), you install it, they control it remotely.

        The equipment remains the property of FR24. They can ask you to box it up for return to them - they pay the carriage charges.


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          Does this mean I (we) are wasting our time feeding then ?


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            Originally posted by Rooster View Post
            Does this mean I (we) are wasting our time feeding then ?
            We are wasting our time watching TV then as well.
            For most of us this is hobby and we don't see it as waste of time.
            I like to track planes over my head, and landing on airport near me combined with atc communication i receive with dongle.
            Feeding is just something I do so others can track as well.
            When you have your own radar then you have info in real time, not delayed for 5-10 sec on
            Never the less, your feed is appriciated,although it's not shown on the map.
            Sometimes my F radar is not shown on the map, but that's the way this works.
            You are in the area where coverage is good, but eventually other feeders will be down and then your radar is very important!
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              Ok, try "pointless" then? if the radar isn't used, it seems silly to leave it on.

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                I edited my post. In the edit you have answer.
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                  Issue discussed 100 times before, mainly in!) thread. Please read it and use it if there are any questions.