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  • SAS1501 Duplicate

    While monitoring Heathrow on Sunday evening (12/01/2014) at approx 21:00, there were duplicates of SAS1501 overlaying each other approaching the airport. Looking at the display for each aircraft they were being tracked by 2 radars (sorry I haven't supplied a screen shot).

    Why were 2 radars reporting the same aircraft (OY-KAN) at the same time? Surely only the latest data should be displayed?

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    The other Radar is Planeplotter and sometimes pops up.

    SK1501 / SAS1501
    Registration OYKAN (000320) (You can tell this is a rouge plot on the Map because the registration has the dash missing and the Hex code: 000320 is wrong.)
    Radar: T-PP1

    This is the correct information on the correct plot.
    undefined / SAS1501
    Registration OY-KAN (45AC2E)
    Radar: T-EGVN1
    AMS Daily Fight Information:


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      Thank you Speedbird.

      Just goes to show how we can rely on FR24 to provide correct information.

      As a computer programmer going back to the days of IBM360, I assume FR24's prime matching criteria are flight number + Hexcode.


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        Just 10 mins ago I got the same effect and managed to get 2 screen grabs. They are of BCY51XD into London City.BCY51XD on F-EGMC2.jpg BCY51XD on T-PP1.jpg

        This is another BCY from a couple of days ago.BCY5186x2.jpg

        I haven't noticed any other flights doing this.


        Edit @ 20:10 17/02/2014 I'm only seeing this , it seems, on one particular aircraft RJ85 EI-RJB.
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