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receivers in NZAA/AKL

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  • receivers in NZAA/AKL

    can some one tell me why how many receivers are in AKL/NZAA i have trouble trying to locate ANZ aircraft in flight in different areas in the north Island. Yet in Hamilton further douth where hills are in the way not a problem

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    There are about 4-5 in AKL. But 2 very good coverage ones (AA2 + AA8)

    However you won't find them if they are regional routes and aircraft like ATR, Beech 1900s or the Dash-8s. As only 4 of them have full GPS transponders. So AKL-Napier etc won't appear
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      Auckland-Napier is flown occasionally by ATR76 (ADS-B Equipped) but mixed with ATR75 and Dash-8 (Non ADS-B Equipped). Only the ANZ A320, B77x, B763, B744 and two B733 (NGP, NGR) are ADS-B equipped. The A320's and B733 jets above fly domestically AKL/WLG/CHC/ZQN/DUD. You may see the ATR76 on routes to/from AKL/HZN/NPR/PMR/WLG/NSN/CHC/DUD/ZQN/INV.
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