I noticed a 4 Engine Jet incoming to YQL Tuesday evening..YQL is a small Regional Airport handling Dash-8's or Beachcraft 1900's and smaller private planes. Occasionally we see a Learjet in and out of here, so a 4 Engine Jet is Rare. The flight was 'North Cariboo Air' (Avro 146RJ-100 ' ie:British Aerospace 146 (also BAe 146) We have a lot of workers who commute to Ft. Mac, so I figured maybe the guys heading home for New Years. ATC informs them, a Cessna is on the Runway, to 'Go Around'.. Avro146.1.jpg

There 2nd attempt, ATC informs them 'Piper now on the Runway, to 'Go Around' ! (he flew over my house on this loop !)

North Cariboo ID's as 'North Cariboo Trainer' and they are just attempting a few 'Touch and Goes'..and their 3rd attempt, they are 'cleared to land RW 23'. As they approach, NCB replies 'Huge Flock of Canada Geese on approach, aborting for a 'Go Around'
There next approach..little miscalculation on the 'Trainees Part or ?..there 'Going Around' again..
Finally, on there next 'GA'..they actually 'touched down' for the 'T&G'..but on there next attempt, another 'out bound was on taxi..to 'Go Around'..
And on another attempt..more 'Out Bound'..to 'Go Around' !
Now that's what I call a 'Training Flight' ! Some what 'off of their scheduled 'arrival and departure times'..but good training for 'Larger Centers' with 'much more air traffic than we normally have'..Oh, and 'good for 'watching out for Birds' as well ! http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N...100Z/CYYC/CYQL