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  • Santa Claus on Flightrader24

    I just wanted to ask if we can get to see Santa Claus when he distributes his gifts? Wish you all and your families here, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 2014 !
    Thanks to that team, from Flightrader24, for all the work this year. You are doing a very good job all !


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    Sad news re Santa from Australia

    Sorry to have to inform you but being Christmas Eve here in Australia I waited up for the fat bloke after visiting my newest grandson in hospital and enjoying the Christmas carols from Melbourne with the wife, he slid down my ADS-B antenna mast (we have no chimney) and crashed through the roof tiles. I left strict instructions for him to use the manhole in the garage but unfortunately he missed it.

    He fell straight through the ceiling and to make matters worse, drank us out of beer (to numb the pain) so by the time he finishes here in Australia I cant see him making Europe with a 'tank' full of VB.

    But for all you boys and girls over there, I think he's got his elves on the job so dont panic.

    Merry Christmas all and just as well Santa has Medicare cover here in Australia, and we've got household insurance.

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      Unfortunately, he didn't complete his gift distribution.

      Some on shot him in Washington !
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        Merry Christmas to 'All the FR24 Gang' ! Wife is up early awaiting the 'kids' to open gifts..just they are now 29 & it will be a 'nooner I am sure' ! Somewhere..over the years..all the excitement got lost I guess !


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          Did anyone spot Santa Claus aircraft on FR24 last night?

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