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    Last week while using FR24, I noticed one day when I clicked on MLAT biz jets, around 70% of them opened with a picture of the actual aircraft I was watching. In the picture was the registration and the company using it, if it wasn't privately owned. Now it has returned to the normal info. While this still is a vast help having the squawk number, it did improve things by having all the details right away. Was this something new FR24 was trying, or was this just a lucky day?

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    If it was a company., depending which one..., say it was NJE, they block their identity on flightradar24, so the reciever it came from, say N-EGHI1, then the uploader would of uploaded a picture without realising I suppose. So I believe this was a lucky day, but if you'd like to identify biz jets, I suggest trying virtualradar's for London way seeing as you're from Clacton.


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      Images aren't related to uploaders or sent from uploaders PCs. They are scraped from via registration
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        Thanks for the replies. I am not too bothered, as since FR24 supplied MLAT I have increased what I tie-up by about 90%. I'm lucky that the forums I belong to have lads who supply logs with the squawk codes. Other aircraft like DHC8's and such now show their regies now, and living near CLN gives me one of the busiest areas for overflights. Anyway thanks once again.