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Bug in flight track visualization and airplane positioning under different browsers?

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  • Bug in flight track visualization and airplane positioning under different browsers?

    Hi all,

    hopefully one can help me with this:
    I am runnung flightradar in browsers on Linux Suse 12.2
    I tried out the following:

    a) Open select one airplane on the map to display its track...

    On most browser platforms i recognize the effect displayed in the attached screenshot for every selected airplane.

    b) The above effect is visible for e.g. QT based webview(webkit), Konqueror(webkit), Firefox(v23), Chrome(current version on Linux), ...
    The only browser on linux that displayed correct track information and correct airplane location was rekonq (the official KDE web browser being based on webkit as well) which is not the one i can finally use...

    c) I also recognized that using the embedded site (under above configuration) with the simple_index.php?callsign=xyz variant of your website (without ads) does often not display a match even if the aircraft is currently airborne AND the variant of your website (the one with ads) does show a match including waypoint track....why that? Is there a usage limitation on simple_index.php variant?

    d) Since the computer i am running on is using UTC timezone....might there be a relation between timezone selection and wrong track and airplan position painting on the flightradar24 website?

    Under current circumstances the site is therefore nearly useless for me

    Any help out there? If interested i could provide more info on the software environment...


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    Addition: currently e.g. if using does not lead to a match on the map


    leads to a match --> why that? Is that a limitation of simple_index.php script?